Welcome to season three of Food for the Future TV, where we delve into crucial topics, showcase innovative thinking, and highlight success stories from across the food and beverage sector in Asia. This exciting initiative is proudly presented to you by Food Industry Asia, in partnership with ASN Media.

Food for the Future TV brings you exclusive interviews with industry experts and professionals, alongside comprehensive profiles of FIA members and leading organisations.

Explore the content, divided into three themes: “Consumer Behaviour”, “Innovation” and “Governance & Sustainability.



Consumer Behaviour

There's a growing preference for products that align with health-consciousness, sustainability, and convenience. Businesses are adapting by innovating product lines and enhancing customer engagement strategies to meet these shifting demands, ensuring relevance and resilience in a dynamic market.


In Asia, the food industry is experiencing a renaissance of innovation, driven by consumers demanding more from their food—traceability, fortification, and clean labelling. Responding to these expectations, companies are pioneering in areas like alternative proteins, advanced ingredients, and cellular agriculture, ensuring food is not just nutritious and sustainable, but also transparent and trustworthy.

Governance & Sustainability

Governance and sustainability are becoming increasingly interconnected, as consumers and stakeholders demand transparency and ethical practices. Companies are enhancing their governance structures to ensure accountability and compliance, while simultaneously committing to sustainable practices. This holistic approach ensures long-term viability, trustworthiness, and a positive impact on both society and the environment.